tisdag 15 december 2015

Box 7-13 of Lookfantastic's The Beauty Secret, Skincity's & Kicks beauty advent calendars

 Behind door 7 in The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic where this Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue spray
 In box 7 of my calendar from Skincity I found this Maria Åkerberg Papaya Peeling. I already had this one but haven't had time to try it yet. Hoping it's good.
 In box 7 of my calendar from Kicks I found this Kicks Skin treat pure natural organic shower oil with protecting olive oil, moisturizing brown sugar, coconut extract and vanilla. It sounds lovely so I can't wait to try this.
 Box 8 in The beauty Secret from Lookfantastic gave me this Bubble T hibiscus & acai berry tea restoring body lotion.
 In my calendar from Skincity box 8 contained this Biodroga MD hyaluron + DMC Moisture Perfect hydration 24h care.
 My Kicks calendar gave me these pretty pink hair elastics on December 8th.
 Behind door 9 of The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic I found the celebrated Cult51 cream. Can't wait to try this and see if it is as good as everyone say it is.
 Behind door 9 of my calendar was another great product. This Eve Lom Resque mask.
 The most boring item so far had to be this pink glitter paper nail file that I found behind door 9 of my calendar from Kicks. Although pretty, I don't use these kind of nail files.
 On December 10th I got this Nudestix lip + cheek pencil in the color Satan in The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic. I love the name and the color of this one.
 In the 10th box of my Skincity calendar I found an adorable little jar of By Terry's Baume de Rose.
 In my calendar from Kicks I found this mini bottle of Essie top coat in box 10. This will come to use for sure.
 Behind door 11 of The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic I found a pair of Eylure No 035 lengthening false eyelashes.
 And in my calendar from Skincity I found yet another great brand on December 11th. Paula's Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-repair Retionl Serum.
 And you know the saying that great minds think a like? Well at least Lookfantastic and Kicks where thinking a like for the 11th box of their calendars cause Kicks also had a pair of Eylure false eye lashes for me behind door 11. They had No 070 Volume though. Now I can choose if I want length or volume the next time I use false eye lashes. Which is almost never...
 On door 12 The Beauty Secret had another rhyme for me. This one read Behind this door lies a Christmas MIST-ry... Open up to unveil its rose-powered history.
 Behind the door I found this Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.
 Behind door 12 of my Skincity calendar was a day cream from Elizabeth Areden Pro.
 And behind door 12 of my calendar from Kicks I found this Fudge Warm Mask. I'm not a big fan of masks that gets warm but I'm going to give this one a try at least.
 The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic had yet another rhyme for me on December 13th. It said Find a secret all about "grape", by opening up this mystery drape.
 And inside I found this hand and nail cream from Caudalíe.
 My Skincity calendar contained a Decléor 3 min Life radiance mask in box 13th. This sounds perfect for me that's always looking for quick fixes. I'm so bad at taking my time and just relaxing and taking care of myself. There's just not enough time...
Lookfantastic and Kicks was thinking a bit a like again cause Kicks also had a hand cream for me on December 13th. This is Kicks Skintreat virgin olive oil hand cream with protecting olive oil that contains natural antioxidants and vitamins. 

Ännu en fantastisk vecka med massor med spännande produkter att testa. Jag är fortfarande väldigt nöjd med alla tre kalendrarna men Kicks ligger lite efter de andra två även denna vecka. Det var lite roligt att Lookfantastic och Kicks hade tänkt lika två av dagarna. Den 11 december väldigt lika dessutom. Handkrämerna den 13 december kom lägligt då jag precis hade använt upp den handkräm jag använde för tillfället (har iofs en hel låda med handkrämer som väntar på att provas så det är inte så att jag hade stått utan om jag inte hade fått dessa i kalendrarna). Använder Kicks handkräm just nu och den är faktiskt riktigt trevlig. 

Yet another fantastic week with lots of interesting products to try. I'm still very pleased with all three of the calendars but Kicks calendar is still a bit behind the other two calendars. It was a bit fun that Lookfantastic and Kicks was think a like for two boxes this week. On December 11th they where thinking very a like. The two hand creams that I received on December 13th was perfectly timed since I'd just used up the one I was using at the moment. Well it's not as I would have been totally out of hand cream if I hadn't gotten these. I have a box full of unused and untried hand creams but still nice timing. I'm using the Kicks hand cream right now and it's actually quite nice.  

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  1. So many beauty goodies- thanks for sharing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Woow, amazing calendar with great products! I want it :D

    xoxo darling,
    Melania - Mode in Technicolor

  3. Hi dear
    Great post, thanks for sharing :)

  4. This is so cool!

  5. This calendar is amazing! I want it sooo much! Especially that product called Maria (part of my family is Spanish and I love that name!) I loved the lashes, too! I was a bit absent due to college exams and Christmas parties, plus preparing vacations, but from the middle of January on I will be more "present" :)

  6. jag har rätt många hudvårdsprodukter från maria åkerberg och jag tycker dom är superbra! :)



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