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Box 14-24 (25) of Lookfantastic's The Beauty Secret, Skincity's & Kicks beauty advent calendars

 In box 14 of The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic I found this MONUspa relaxing bali massage & Body oil
 Skincity's calendar had this Clarins Multi-active day early wrinkle correction cream behind door 14
 Kicks calendar had this cute heart shaped pocket mirror for me behind door 14.
 On December 15th I found a Christope Robin regenerating mask in The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic.
 Skincity's calendar had a cute mini sized Essie polish for me on December 15th
 In Kicks calendar I found this Thomas Sabo roll on perfume in Charm rose in box 15. This is a lovely scent but unfortunately it doesn't last long.
 The beauty secret from Lookfantastic had another rhyme for me on box 16. It said: Behind this door lies an eye-opening surprise!
 And behind door 16 of The Beauty Secret I found this Magnifibres treatment primer.
 Behind door 16 of Skincity's calendar I found Rodial Dragon's blood eye masks.
 Inside box 16 of Kicks calendar I found this Blow pro Body by blow crunch volumizing mousse. My dirty mind is thinking 'bout something totally different than hair products when I see the name of this brand....
 Box 17 of The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic contained this Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara. Can't wait to try this.
 Skincity had a little glo minerals highlighter for me in box 17.
 Kicks calendar contained an eyeshadow in box 17.
 On December 18th it was time for a another rhyme from Lookfantastic. On the box it said: If you're on the search for sparkling skin, then you'll love the treat you find within.
 And inside box 18 of The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic I found this pai Rice plant & rosemary Bioaffinity skin tonic.
 Skincity's calendar had a Peter Thomas Roth Rose stem cell bio-repair gel mask for me in box 18.
 Inside Kicks calendar I found their Eye primer on December 18th. I'm really curious about this one.
 Inside box 19 of The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic I found this bareMinerals eyeshadow
 Inside box 19 of Skincity's calendar I found a Elemis pro-collagen Marine cream Ultra-rich
 Kicks carried on their eye makeup theme for December 19th with their Extrem extension long lash mascara.
 Box 20 of the Beauty Secret containd yet another rhyme. This one said: Spice yourself up like a Christmas pud, with this treat so delicious it'll leave you smellin' good.
 And behind door 20 of The Beauty Secret Lookfantastic had hidden this Molton Brown Black Peppercorn body wash. It had a lovely scent.
 Behind door 20 of Skincity's calendar I found three Transderma serums. Transderma A, Transderma C and Transderma M.
 Kicks calendar had Rituals Miracle Balm white lotus and Ginkgo blossom behind door 20.
 Door 21 on The beauty Secret from Lookfantastic said: Soon enough you'll say goodbye to the snow, but don't wait to long for your lovely, golden glow!
 And behind door 21 of Lookfantstic's The beauty secret where this St Tropez instant tan wash of face & body lotion.
 Box 21 of Skincity's calendar contained their lotion mask. The look like small pills. You put them in a glass and soaks them with the serum or toner of your choice and then you unfold it and it's ready to use.
 On December 21th Kicks calendar had a Burt's bees hand salve for me.
 The Beauty Secret from Lookfantastic had a Eve Lom cleanser and muslin clothes for me in box 22.
 Skincity's calendar had Cicamed collagen boost mask behind door 22.
 Kicks calendar contained one of their polishes in box 22. It's not that polish I'm wearing in this photo. The polish on my nails is Leighton Denny's Caught red handed.
 Door 23 of Lookfantastics calendar said: Get the Christmas Glow, use me and you're good to go!
 And inside box 23 of Lookfantastic's calendar I found Murad Rapid collagen infusion.
 Box 23 of Skincity's calendar containd Jan Marini bioglycolic face cleanser.
 Lookfantastic had hidden Nuxe réve de miel face cleansing and make-up removing gel behind door 24.
 Skincity's calendar containd Carie fluid the beauté 14 behind door 24.
 Kicks calendar had a Depend o2 nail polish in box 24
The beauty secret from Lookfantastic had 25 doors and behind the last door I found a Tangle Teezer. I love Tangle Teezer! Now I have three Tangle Teezer orginial and three Tangle Teezer compact. 

 Många fantastiska skönhetsgåvor har gömt sig i dessa kalendrar och jag är riktigt nöjd. Insåg dock att jag glömt fota lucka 23 av Kicks kalender. The innehöll en lite IsaDora foundation sample. Jag måste säga att Kicks kalendar hade en ganska trist nedräkning fram till jul. Man förväntar sig ju lite att det bästa ska finnas bakom sista luckan. Inte för att Depend o2 lacket inte är fin men det känns lite trist som sista gåva måste jag säga. Både Lookfantastics The Beauty Secret och Skincitys kalender hade däremot helt fantastiska produkter i de sista luckorna så de var ingen besvikelse. 

I've gotten a lot of fantastic beauty gifts in my calendars this year so I'm really pleased with them. I realised that I had forgotten to take a photo of box 23 in my calendar from Kicks. It contained a small sample of a IsaDora foundation. I have to say that Kicks had a bit boring products in the boxes counting down to Christmas. You kinda expect to find the best in the last box. No that I didn't like the Depend o2 polish. It's cute and all but a bit boring for the last box. Both Lookfantastic's The Beauty Secret and Skincity's calendar did a fabulous though. The last boxes in their calendars didn't disappoint.  

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  1. OMG, amazing! The Essie polish is so beautiful, love it :)

    xoxo dear and Merry Christmas,
    Melania - Mode in Technicolor

  2. Omg soooo many tempting products!! I feel like shopping too :P

  3. Nej, det blev en grön jul, men sägs att det ska snöa här i morgon. Får väl se om det stämmer. Hade du en bra jul?

  4. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  5. Awesome post and great images photos too. Hope you have a fun-filled holidays, friend! :)


  6. Cool calendar, lovely gifts!!!
    Happy Holidays darling!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  7. Massor med fina produkter ju. :D Så roligt med skönhetskalendrar. :)

  8. Jag tror jag kommer sitta med en hel uppsättning kalendrar nästa år efter ha läst detta inlägg. :-)



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