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Acadermia 2015

I helgen gick Acadermia av stapel på Stockholms mässan i Älvsjö. I år gick mässan samtidigt som Allt för hälsa och Fitness festivalen som en del av Fit for life WKND. Jag passade på att besöka Acadermia igår för en chans att prata med utställare och möta branschfolk (inte inom den bransch jag jobbar utan folk inom skönhetsbranschen). 

Daisy Beauty tog hand om press och bloggare i sitt fina Press Coffice som bjöd på en trevlig möjlighet att vila fötterna och få sig en kaffe, lite vatten, kokosvatten eller ett glas bubbel, möta nya och gamla bekanta och självklart kunde man även bläddra i senaste numret av Daisy Beauty. 

På Acadermia ligger mycket fokus på skönhetsbehandlingar och fillers och sådant men i år var det fint uppblandat med andra utställare och i år väldigt mycket naturlig skönhet vilket känns trevligt. Var kanske inte jättemycket nytt men jag hittade en del märken som jag inte var bekant med sedan tidigare vilket alltid är roligt. 

 Jag hade släpat med mig min man till Acadermia igår så han fick hjälpa till att agera fotograf och hjälpa mig att bära alla påsar som skulle med hem. 

Förutom utställare bjöd Acadermia även på en hel del seminarie och annat spännande. Gårdagen var verkligen intressant och givande. Jag var helt slut idag så dagen har mest ägnats åt att försöka smälta alla intryck från igår. 

Det blev mycket bilder tagna igår så förbered er för en bildbomb här nedan.

Acadermia took place this weekend at Stockholms mässan located in Älvsjö just outside of Stockholm. This year the fair occurred at the same time and place as "Allt för hälsa" and "Fitness festivalen" as a part of Fit for life WKND. I visited Acadermia yesterday to chat with the brands present and meet people from the beauty industry.

Daisy Beauty took care of the press and the bloggers in their nice Press Coffice and offered a nice opportunity to rest your feet and get a cup of coffee, some water, coconut water or a glass of sparkling wine, meet up with new and old friends and of course: you could read the latest volume of the Daisy Beauty magazine.

Usually Acadermia puts a lot of focus on beauty treatments, fillers and so on but this year there was a nice mix with other kind of exhibitioners. It really felt nice that quite a lot of natural beauty were present. There were at least a few new brands that I haven't seen before and that is always nice.

I brought my husband as company to Acadermia yesterday he could help me by taking some photos and carry home all the bags.

Apart from the exibitioners at Acedermia there were also quite a lot of seminars and other exiting events. Yesterday was really an interesting day. Today I am really tired and the day has mostly been used to digest all the information from yesterday. 

Prepare yourself for a the photo cavalcade to come.
There where a lot of companies exhibiting at Acadermia this weekend. My first stop for the day was Gilda. Where you could look at and buy their products or get one of their treatments right there.
Next I stopped by Color Wow and talked to Giles Robinson, Global Director of Training & Education for Color Wow and Senior John Frieda Salon hair Stylist. He demonstrated their Color Wow root cover up for me on some other Academia visitors. According to him my roots didn't need any cover up so I guess I'd have to thank my hair stylist for doing such a wonderful job with my bleach cause it's at least 7-8 months since I colored my hair.
This is what the Color Wow root cover up look like. It looks a bit like an eyeshadow but it sticks to the hair so you can touch it and it still stays on the hair. It also suppose to hold through rain. You just apply it to the hair with the little brush and then it washes of when you wash your hair. Smart and easy root cover up for between visits and the hair salon.
I also stopped by M Picaut and talked to the lovely owner of the brand Mette Picaut. Mette is just the sweetest person and it's lovely to talk to someone that's that engaged and really burning for what they do. I love their new Hydra Miracle serum that they released earlier this fall. A review will soon be up on the blog. Yesterday I got their Calming Cocoon Cream with me. It's a barrier cream that feels very rich and lovely and I'm looking forward to trying it now when the air is starting to get cold and dry.
This was a hair product line that I haven't seen before. I love the sleek and luxury design and Gold smells just lovely. I kind a want all of these products just because of the lemon-melon scent that's just amazing! The hair oil felt very light so I think it would work even on fine hair like mine.
This is the Gold hair treatment that according to the man working in their booth also is great as shave cream. Haven't tried myself so I can't vouch for that.
I checked out Kardashian Beauty's hair line that comes in black and gold packing. I tried the hair oil on my hand and it felt a bit heavy so I'm not sure it would work that well on my hair. The Gold hair oil was much lighter.
Another brand that was new to me. Miss w. This is a French Natural brand and I'm curious about their Micellar water.
Miss W also had some nail polishes in cute small bottles.
Nail polish heaven! Nubar had so many shades to choose from.
Some nail design swatches at Nubar.
Nubar also had plenty of glitters for nail art to choose from. I didn't buy any glitter or nail polish but I did buy two swatching wheels.
puroBIO was another brand that was new to me. It's an Italian organic brand that had lot of lovely makeup. I really like that they had lots of colors to choose from. Not long ago I felt that most organic makeup that was being sold in Sweden only come in earthy natural shades.
Did some swatching with the puroBIO products. I got some products with me to try and I have to say I'm looking forward to trying them. Felt very lovely to swatch.
I also visited Rapsodine. This is their original line that I haven't tried before but I really like the Rapsodine Eco Raps products that I have tried before.
At Minus 417 I checked out this Recovery Mud Mask. The products from Minus 417 contains minerals from the Dead sea and this mud mask contains so much minerals that you don't wash it off. You remove it with a magnet. I got to try and it was cool to see. I know I've seen a mask like this before but I can't remember where....
C/O Gerd is a Swedish brand from Jokkmokk which is really far up in the north of Sweden. I know about this brand but I haven't had time to try it before and when I came buy the owner was buzy with other visitors so I never got a chance to talk to her.
They are starting to get a quite wide range of products.
Here you can see their hair care range
The product contains Swedish ingredients like blueberries and cloudberries.
Another Swedish brand. Rosenserien. They also had a range of products for men. My hubby liked the scent of their deodorant. Lucky for him I did get that deodorant with me to try so at least I got one thing for hubby home with me too.
Dermosil is a Finish brand that's big in Finland but not that well known here in Sweden. Looking forward to try out their products.            
I also stopped by Annearie Börlind Natural beauty.
The brands most famous product might be the Beauty Pearls. Serums with shimmering pearls based on alga and hyaluronic acid. It contains a combination of alga extract from amongst other a green pearl like alga that's also called botanical caviar. The pearl like alga is seen on the packing and the product brochures. The Beauty Pearls serums is available in Sensitive, Moisture and Regeneration. 
I've tried Maria Åkerberg Skincare before but not their makeup that's showed here.
Makeup from Maria Åkerberg beautifully displayed.
I've already picked up three different beauty advent calendars for this year so I'm guessing that's enough. If I hadn't I wouldn't have said no to this calendar from Babor containing their beauty ampules.
More products from Babor beautiful displayed in a Christmas three shaped display.
Fontant Contarini Cosmetics is a Italian brand that's new to me. It's only available in beauty salons in Sweden and it sounded like they didn't have a list of salons carrying the brand at the moment. They had a lot of lovely nail polishes.
At Cuccio the display made me long for some coctails
I'm quite sure it wouldn't be a good idea to drink these though
But they where lovely to look at
I haven't tried anything from Cuccio before but I do have some nail polishes that I'm planning to try out soon
More Cuccio
Cuccio Venice Beach
Cuccio Sweet as sugar!
Cuccio Royale. These where definitely my favorit Cuccio collection.
Cuccio Nudetrals for the once that prefer neutrals.
Cuccio #best night ever. Ok I really like this sparkly collection too.
Cuccio Neons
Cuccio Pastels
Me and my messy hair do is looking at Cuccio Nail polishes
Beautiful makeup from Palina.
Filorga was also represented at Acadermia. There you could buy these little travel kits that's perfect for travel or just for trying out a new brand. Since it's a bit expensive it can be nice to try out smaller sizes of the products first to see if you like them before buying full size products.
Of course I stopped by CND Nordic. I love CND Vinylux. You could get your nails done there but I didn't. I was wearing CND Vinylux in Glacial Mist from their Aurora collection though. I will of course show you proper swatches of this beauty.
The Press Coffice runned by Daisy Beauty.
Here I and other press and blogger could rest out feet and have a glass of Champagne with the wonderful people from Daisy Beauty that really was making sure we had everything we needed.
A makeup mirror in the Press Coffice. My hubby took this photo. He was saying that I should have one of these. Yes, I have the best husband. Getting dragged around while I'm looking at beauty products probably wouldn't be his first choice on the list of what to do on a Saturday.;-)
They had a Fantasy Nail contest and here they are working on the hand models
Another model getting her nails done
The models had makeup matching their fantasy nails in the making
These photos where taken when they had just gotten started on the nails

LED light nails. Well I'm not sure it's LED but at least it's some kind of light and I think it looks like LED light.
These where one of the more normal looking fantasy nails the other once where much more crazy
Knitting nails. How cool are these?
More fantasy nails
Flower nails. Might be a bit unpractical to where these to the office.
One of the models getting prepared
Judging time. Kicki Norman from Daisy Beauty judging the knitted nails that come to be the winner.

I think the booth that had the longest line yesterday was Jamela
Everyone wanted to look at their golden facial masks. You could try their gold eye masks if you wanted so many where running around with gold masks under their eyes. I didn't try them at Acadermia yesterday but don't worry you'll get see them here on the blog cause I got both the golden facial mask and the golden eye masks with me to try at home.
It was a good thing I had hubby with me to help me carry all of my bags home. And since many of you use to ask me to show you what I get at these thing.... well the next photo are for you.
Here are the products I got to take home with me.


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