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Bloggträff med Good PR

 Lovely bloggers at Clarion Hotel for the bloggers meet-up with Good PR
 OPI Presented their new Color Paints

 OPI Color Paints
 Swatches of OPI Color Paint
 And here are some examples of what you're suppose to be able to do with OPI Color Paints
 The OPI Brights for 2015
 OPI's collaboration with Coca-Cola continues. Six shades are from the collection they released last year but two colors are new.
 Here is the two new shades. I really like the green one but it's quite sheer.
 The Scandinavian hair care brand Vision Hair care.
 One of a kind, hand painted makeup brushes from Jacks Beauty Line. I love these, they look so beautiful.
 Hair products from the Italian brand Nashi
 Color Switch a little jar with a cushion in it that is suppose to make it easy for you to get the color of your makeup brushes when you want to use another color on your brush.
Magicstripes is suppose to be an instant wake up for hanging eyelids. No surgery needed. It's a small silicon stripe that you put in your crease to lift the eyelid. Then you can put on your eyeshadow like you normally do. 

Efter mitt snabba besök i Hanna Liska PR:s showroom förra veckan sprang jag vidare till Clarion Hotel på ringvägen för en bloggträff med Good PR där vi fick en snabb presentation av märkena Vision Haircare, Magcistripes, Color switch, Jacks Beautyline, Nashi och så klart OPI. OPI presenterade hela tre kommande nyheter. Samarbete med Coca-cola fortsätter. Det kommer att komma två ny lack och sex lack från förra årets kollektion kommer att finnas kvar i år. Vi fick även titta på deras Brights för i år. Den kollektionen såg fantastiskt fin ut. De presenterade även en helt ny produkt, OPI Color Paints ett effektlack som kommer i åtta färger plus ett silverfärgat canvas. De här lacken ska göra det enkelt för alla att göra effektful nail art. Jag har lekt lite med dessa i helgen och kan väl säga att jag inte tyckte det var jättenkelt att få snyggt men övning ger ju färdigthet så jag ska ge dessa några chanser till. Om inte annat är de faktiskt riktigt snygga i sig själva. Så om man som jag för det mesta saknar tålamod att hålla på med nail art så går dessa finfint att använda som de är eller bara över det silverfärgade canvaset. 

After the quick visit to Hanna Liska PR's showroom last week I run to Clarion hotel South in Stockholm for a bloggers meet-up with Good PR Scandinavia. They gave us a quick presentation of the brands Vision HairCare, Color Switch, Jacks Beauty Line, Nashi and of course OPI. OPI present a whole three new collection. Well their collaboration with Coca-Cola started last years so not the entire collection is new. Six of the shades from this collection is the same that was released last year. They do however also release two new coca-cola shades this year. They also presented the OPI Brights collection for 2015. I love this collection. All colors looks beautiful! They also presented a whole new product, OPI Color Paints. Color Paints are blendable nail polish that's suppose to make it possible for anyone to create artsy nail art. It comes in eight different shades plus a silvery canvas. I played around a bit with these this weekend and I have to say that I thought it was quite hard to get a good looking result. But practice makes perfect so I will give these a couple of more tries. If you are like me and lacks the patience to nail art a lot these do look lovely either on their own or just painted over the silvery canvas.  

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  1. Wonderful colors and event :)))


  2. It's not that I don't have the patience, I think I lack the expertise to do nice nail art work. I even go to the manicurist to have them well painted :) I like OPI very much, the gteenish color you showed here is so beautiful!

  3. I wish I was there, thanks for sharing! xo

  4. Those colors are so bright and the patterns you can make with them are artistic and amazing xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. Great event! I'm in love with those nail lacquers :D

    xoxo dear,
    Mode in Technicolor

  6. I love OPI nailpolishes :) So cool!

  7. Älskar färgerna på de nya lacken från opi!

  8. OPI new collections are to die for, Id like to get some colors from them! xo

  9. I love the packaging!!



  10. Stunning post, love OPI nail polishes. *__*
    Lovely greets Ness

  11. What a lovely event and the brushes!! XOXO

  12. Jag får nog jobba på det där med övning ger färdigheter när det gäller att måla naglarna, men här fanns riktigt snygga färger.

  13. Wow looks like an awesome event. I'm in love with the cute hand painted makeup brushes! Wish I had a set :D


  14. Sv: Ja, visst har de. :)

    Snygga lack och nail art!

  15. Mycket spännande produkter!



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